GSI ResQ Tube Coffer DamIt is extremely important for farmers, grain elevator operators, and fire and rescue teams to be prepared in the event of a grain engulfment and have a Res-Q-Tube or coffer dam of some sort within reach, whether at a commercial or farm facility. Midwest Ag Systems offers the GSI ResQ Tube as an easy to use coffer dam, equipped with handles for specific placement and leverage
, sleek design for easy entry into the grain and aluminum construction for easier transportation.

3” Rescue Auger
3" Rescue Auger for grain removal upon entrapment• Works with all styles of grain rescue tubes, coffers and dams.
• Powered by any type of a drill with a 15/16” hex drive. (Drill & socket not included.)
• Full flow rate of 2.0 bushels per minute @ 1000 RPM.
• Guarded 5” dual flow intake allows for easier flow of grain & safer operation around patients.
• All mild steel construction with a 3” O.D. auger assembly & handle.
• 5' Tall, Only 26 lbs.
• Primed & painted safety orange.
• Engineered and built to withstand the tough environments of rescue operations.
• Every unit is designed, built and tested by the team at MAS: Auger Experts & Firefighters certified in Farm Rescue Operations.