MAS offers the largest selection of grain dryers and grain conditioning equipment in the industry. With state-of-the-art controls and features, heavy-duty galvanized steel construction and industrial grade electrical components, GSI grain dryers, fans and heaters are a top performing choice among farmers and producers worldwide.

Fans & Heaters 

GSI Fans & HeatersFor in-bin grain aeration and conditioning, take a look at our large selection of fans and heaters. GSI manufactures a complete line of aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centrifugal and inline centrifugal fans and heaters all with features designed to reduce cost and boost performance.

Portable Grain Dryers

GSI Portable Grain DryerGSI offers the most technologically advanced and reliable grain dryers on the market today. We also offer the widest selection of dryer models, suitable for a wide variety of applications. All GSI grain dryers feature easy-to-use, state-of-the-art controls, heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, and industrial grade electrical components. The portable dryer covers the smaller to middle capacity 5 point removal requirements from 220 to 2,450 BPH dry & cool and 420 to 4,000 BPH all heat (See X-Stream Dryers for higher capacities). GSI grain dryers can help solve even the most complex grain conditioning problems.

Quiet Dryer

The GSI Quiet Dryer is 50% quieter than vane axial portable dryers. Not only is this dryer quieter, but with a frequency centered in the 1,000 Hz range, it produces a more comfortable, less harsh tone.

TopDry Systems

GSI TopDry Storage/Dryer ComboA grain storage and drying combination, GSI's TopDry systems offer up to 2000 bph drying and storage up to 29000 bu. A layer of grain on the overhead drying chamber is dried by a large fan and heater then dumped to a holding area below. A smaller aeration fan below captures heat from this previously dried grain, and pushes it upward to help dry the next load. This recycling of heat increases efficiency, which greatly reduces drying costs.

T-Series Dryers 

T-Series Tower DryerT-Series Tower Dryers are designed with the mid-sized to large farm in mind. Capacities range from 1500 BPH to 2400 BPH. All heat from cooling the grain is recycled and the long retention times result in very efficient dryer operation. A divider hopper prevents the build-up of fines in the heat section, simplifying maintenance. Self diagnostic controls accurately monitor grain moisture and temperature. If you need an efficient, quiet, and dependable drying system, the GSI T-Series Tower Dryer is just what you're looking for.

Modular Tower Dryers

GSI Modular DryerThe GSI Modular Tower Dryer Series uses modular construction to improve overall fit, dependability and speed of installation. Building on site, often referred to as “Stick Built” has been the standard method of construction for the larger tower dryers that the GSI Group manufactures. However, with the new Modular Tower Dryer comes the option to factory assemble a tower dryer in modules, then ship the dryer to the site for final assembly. Capacities range from 900 BPH to 1690 BPH.

Commercial Tower Dryers

Tower Dryer Heat Reclaimer

Tower Dryer Heat ReclaimerThe GSI Heat Reclaimer separates the hot, dry air and returns it into the drying process again, while simultaneously taking the cold, wet air and debris and discarding it via the open bottom.

• Up to 30% reduction in operating costs
• No increase in debris entering the cooling section of the dryer
• No effect on capacity
• Easy retrofit on older GSI or Zimmerman Tower Dryers
• Available in 12’, 18’, 24’ & 30’ diameters
• Galvanized construction

Vision Control System

The GSI Vision dryer control system features a wide array of settings that offers unparalleled options and control. Boasting a 10.4" TFT color touch screen with easy-to-use controls, the Vision can be remote-mounted, via a simple seven wire harness, up to 1000 feet away from the dryer.

Because safety and dependability are paramount for all GSI products, the Vision system features a low voltage safety circuit and a safety disconnect on every dryer. Each safety is monitored individually and its status displayed on-screen.

With no moving parts – timers, time delays, thermostats, etc. – the Vision system is less prone to wear-and-tear that leads to costly repairs and downtime. Plenum and grain temperatures can be modified on-screen. You can also change from High/Low to On/Off fire mode which allows plenum operation down to 5 degrees above ambient with a simple software switch.

The Vision also puts help at your fingertips when you need it most. Owner’s Manuals are available on-demand and on-screen at the control box. GSI Vision allows users to track the dryer’s history. All shut downs are logged with time and date information. This data can be saved to a flash memory card (via USB) for use on a home computer.

WatchDog System

WatchDog works with the GSI Vision dryer control system to allow remote monitoring of various dryer functions, such as moisture, temperature and dryer status, all from the convenience of a home or office computer. WatchDog is fully web-based capable, giving users the ability to monitor their dryers from anywhere with internet capabilities. Device can be controlled from a smart phone, tablet, laptop...

GSI/DMC Stir-Ator

GSI’s Stir-Ator machines provide the most thorough, systematic, and timetested stirring pattern on the market. Whether purchasing a new bin or updating present storage for drying, a Stir-Ator can cut drying time by 50% in a low temperature bin. A Stir-Ator can also help store grain by serving as a management tool for grain conditioning.

Used Dryers

Midwest Ag Systems restores used dryers for resale. The dryers are fully inspected and updated before sale and guaranteed by the MAS Used Dryer warranty. Our inventory is always changing, but if you have a certain requirement in mind, please let us know and we can supplement your search.