Inspection & Maintenance

Midwest Ag Systems’ Service Team completes a thorough inspection of each piece of equipment we maintain for our customers, whether we installed it or not! We offer annual discounts through our inspection program. Our inspections include:

  • 35-point Air System Inspection
  • 28-point Bin Unload Inspection
  • 41-point Bucket Elevator Inspection
  • 26-point Conveyor Inspection
  • 27-point Fan & Heater Inspection
  • 21 -point Grain-Flo Inspection
  • 84-point Portable Dryer Inspection
  • 24-point Stirring Machine Inspection
  • 63-point TopDry Inspection
  • 30-point Tower Dryer Inspection
  • 15-point Transfer Dryer Inspection

    Inspection & Maintenance Program
    In order to better serve our customers, MAS offers an early-season inspection program to help ensure your equipment is ready for harvest. This program will enable us to better serve you, by confirming your equipment is ready, when the time comes for harvest. We will also be extending program discounts to you for scheduling an inspection and for the repairs of issues found during that inspection.

    • Inspection:
      Inspection of equipment to determine if there are any issues that may cause problems during harvest.  Equipment, to be inspected, must be specified when signing up for the program.  The inspections will be performed between winter and before the end of summer, after they are scheduled.
    • Equipment Inspected by MAS:
      Grain Dryers: Portables, Commercial Tower Dryers & Top Dry
      Grain Bins, Bin Fans and Bin Heaters
      Grain Bin Stirring Devices
      Bucket Elevators
      Air Systems
    • Maintenance:
      Maintenance and/or repair of items found to be defective or in need of repair during the inspection.  The maintenance program consist of replacing any consumable items such as bearings, belts, fluids, pressure gauges, idler sprockets, flame sensors and igniters, or simply adjusting drive belts and drive chains as needed.  Any large maintenance/repairs items found will be done only with your approval.
    • Priority Service:
      Customers, participating in both the preseason inspection and maintenance program, will receive priority if a breakdown occurs during the following harvest season, on the equipment we inspected earlier that year.
    • Written Reports:
      Written reports, on the equipment we inspected, will be submitted to the owner after the inspection is complete.  Copies of those reports will be kept on file at MAS for future reference.
    • Discounted Pricing:
      Labor for inspections will be discounted from our standard Service Call Rate, for all inspections scheduled by March 15th.
      Labor for maintenance/repairs, determined to be needed from the initial inspection, will be discounted from our standard Service Call Rate, for all inspections scheduled by March 15th.
      All maintenance/repairs, determined to be needed during the inspection, must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the inspection date, in order to receive the extra discounts.
    • Important Dates for the Inspection Program:
      To receive maximum discounts, inspections must be scheduled with MAS by March 15th.
      Inspections scheduled after April 15th cannot be guaranteed to be completed by MAS before drying/harvest season starts.

    MAS reserves the right to deny inspecting or servicing any equipment that was not sold by MAS or any equipment deemed unsafe to operate by MAS technicians.

    Midwest Ag Systems Service Program