GSI Grain StorageOn-farm grain storage increases harvest capacities and uptime, while allowing the freedom to hold your commodity for better returns in the future. Those looking for an edge when markets are low, look to GSI's grain bins to help maximize profitability. There are four standard options:

Narrow 2.66" corrugation, unstiffened bins, are available in diameters ranging from 15’ to 48’ and 4 to 15 rings tall. Capacities range from 1,631 to 61,000 bushels.

Wide 4" corrugation, unstiffened bins are, available in diameters ranging from 15’ to 48’ and 3 to 10 rings tall. Capacities range from 1,677 to 60,000 bushels.

GSI stiffened bins use vertical stiffeners to channel the load of the bin to the foundation more effectively. With storage capacities from 1,000 bushels up to 1.2 million bushels, these bins are designed to expand with you as your operation grows. One of GSI’s newest bin offerings, the 4024, features 4" corrugation and storage capacity over 280,000 bushels – the ideal solution for commercial operators faced with growing storage needs.

4022 & 4032
The 4022 and the 4032 bins are the highest capacity bins offered by GSI. Designed using the most efficient steel, these stiffened bins will meet the needs of your commercial operation as you expand and grow your business. 4022 offers two stiffeners per sheet and 4032 offers three stiffeners per sheet.


8 Gauge vs. 5 Gauge Galvanized Steel
GSI grain bins are constructed using high tensile steel sidewall sheets, up to 65,000 p.s.i. (450 MPa) minimum. A commercial G-90, bright spangle galvanized steel coating increases life and durability.

In addition, only GSI is capable of providing 5 and 6 gauge steel sidewall panels for unmatched strength. Previously, the heaviest galvanized steel available for sidewall panels was 8 gauge (.164"). GSI's exclusive 5 gauge (.205") galvanized steel sidewall panels are 25% thicker and provide up to a 37.5% increase in overall strength.

2.66" and 4.00" Sidewall Panel Corrugation
Due to the large investment, few bin manufacturers are capable of producing two "in-house" corrugated patterns. In addition, corrugated steel from other sources that lack the proper machinery can lead to poor sidewall quality and cause delays in field construction. GSI’s exclusive, roll-forming press corrugates with complete precision and provides accurate sidewall sheets every time. This process assures a tighter fit and increased weather protection.


Weather Resistant Roofs
GSI fabricates grain bin roofs out of prime high tensile,G-90 galvanized steel. The roll-formed roof ribs are fully double capped and have four enhanced reinforced areas on each rib for increased strength and rigidity. Farm grain storage bin roofs all feature roof support rings for solid roof support. Die-formed brackets firmly secure the roof rings to the roof ribs. Farm grain bin roofs support 6,000 lbs. on the center peak of the bin, far more than the 2,500 lb standard that had been in place for the previous 30 years. Roof panels are pre-punched for easy installation of large roof vents and feature an extruded lip to deter moisture and condensation.

Eave Clips
GSI's eave clips let you set roof eave clearance easily at the time of installation. Increase exhaust area for drying applications or position low to help prevent the elements and small pests from entering during long term storage.

Standard Roof Rings
Roof rings are standard on most GSI On-Farm storage bin roofs with 18' - 48' diameter tanks featuring two roof rings.

Peak Opening
A very large diameter peak opening allows for fast filling, easy access to overhead equipment and greater air flow during drying. The hingeless cap slides open and closed on rods and is secured with a spring loaded latch. Peak ring flashing tabs between the roof ribs provide additional weather protection.

Heavy Roof Peak "Flat Top"
"Flat Top" is a structurally welded platform providing a large surface to attach overhead equipment, spouting, catwalks, etc. without the costly field fabrication. 33 inch "Flat Top" is standard on all CFL bins (optional on FCDL).

Two Styles of Roof Vents
GSI offers two styles of roof vents with heavy duty lock seams for weather protection. The hinged grill vent features a large mesh, wire-formed screen that is vertically mounted to keep out pests and swings open freely to allow easy release of trash buildup. The auto-vent reduces “plugging” or air restriction by allowing air to pass freely above and below a wing-shaped damper when fans are running. When the fan is not in operation, the damper drops down and closes. Each GSI roof vent increases exhaust area by 1.6 square feet and bolts directly to a factory, pre-punched roof sheet. Cricket Flashing prevents build up of roof debris behind vents.

Grain Bin Access
All inner door panels on GSI’s walk through door open completely, with no horizontal bars or braces to unbolt or remove. Specially patented* and designed lever latches multiply the inner door opening force by 20 times to counteract friction set from grain loads, and require no wrenches or tools to operate. The outer door cover swings completely open with the door cover hold-back and closes tightly with an exclusive weather seal. Other features include a probe opening for grain inspection and factory caulked door frames to help reduce installation time.

A large diameter access door is standard on all commercial grain bins and optional on farm grain bins. Dual wedge-lock door handles seal the 3/16 inch inner door for increased grain protection.

GSI grain bins feature a large diameter roof manway with full rubber bulb type seal. The lid hinges fully open for ease of use.

GSI Grain Bin Access StairsLadders, Ladder Cages and Stairways
GSI stairways, ladders, cages, platforms, sidewall doors, steps, and roof caps are all designed for the utmost convenience, easy use, and weather resistance.

GSI’s bin steps provide solid support and easy access to walk-in doors or other hard-to-reach areas. The steps feature a non-skid perforation for better footing and reduced water buildup.

GSI high strength ladders have roll-formed sides and engineered rungs to eliminate rung spin. Quick assembly sections are available in 48” lengths and feature dimpled rungs for a better grip.

An eave platform can be constructed below the manhole for your convenience when entering the bin or inspecting the roof. The platform is die-formed from galvanized steel and machine stamped with a tread grip pattern.

For a more convenient alternative to bin ladders, GSI offers two types of galvanized stairways, a standard version and a deluxe model. Both types of stairways feature sturdy, interlocking handrails and perforated steps for slip resistance. All-bolted construction makes for easy field installation. Stairways can be installed on 18’ to 60’ diameter farm bins and available in circle right or circle left.

GSI’s ladder cages are completely galvanized and bolt directly to the pre-punched sidewall ladders. The bottom of the cage has a bell section which allows ample space while ascending and descending the ladder.