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Tyson Sanderfur, Hartford, KY

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Tyson Sanderfur started his grain system 8 years ago with a vision for efficiency and savings. He started by adding a 42’ GSI bin to two small, existing 12K bins at the location. Two years later, he added the elevator and receiving conveyor. Shortly after the elevator, he added a TopDry and overhead hopper.
In 2015, he upgraded his TopDry with a second fan and new controls for increased capacity and better function. Tyson also replaced one of the older existing 30’ bins with a 54’ bin. With all of this progress, Tyson’s system still has room for future expansion and growth.
GSI 30’ dia. 11 ring Top Dry(20K Storage)
GSI 42’ dia. 13 ring Farm Comm. bin(58K Storage)
GSI 18’ dia. 8 ring wet/overhead hopper tank(5.5K Storage)
GSI 54’ dia. 13 ring 4024 bin(99.5K Storage)
Older 30’ dia. 7 ring bin(12K Storage)
Riley 6K elevator
Riley 6K incline receiving drag conveyor

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