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Replacement Flighting

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MAS provides in house auger reflighting and repairs. There are a few specifications you’ll need to have noted when you place your order:

  • Outside Diameter: The measurement of the outer edges of the auger’s flighting peaks. We recommend using ½” to 1” smaller outside diameter flighting than the inner diameter of the tube it will be installed in.
  • Pitch: The measurement from one peak of flighting to the next peak. The pitch of the flighting determines how far the product will move per each rotation.
  • Shaft Size or Inside Diameter: The shaft size or inside diameter of the flighting is the size of the pipe or tube that the flighting will be mounted or welded on. This is not the shaft that joins auger sections together, it will in most cases, be smaller.
  • Direction—Right or Left Hand: Right or left hand determines the direction of flow the product will be moving as the auger flighting rotates in a given direction.
    • Follow the steps below to determine which hand of flighting is needed.
      1. Stand at either end of the auger.
      2. Place your hand on the top edge of the flighting and move your hand away from you along the outer edge.
      3. The direction in which your hand moves to the right/left, determines the direction of the flighting.
  • Material Thickness: The thickness measured where the flighting is welded to the shaft and will determine wear life of the auger. Normally the first point of wear is going to be the outer edge of the auger.
  • Quantity: Our helicoid auger flighting is manufactured in 10ft. lengths and sold in many increments. UPS shipping requires it to be shipped in 5’ lengths. 10’ lengths must be shipped LTL.

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