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McElroy Farms Enterprises: Waverly, KY

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McElroy Farms Enterprises is a family farm in it’s 4th and 5th generation. The farm dates back to 1798, with a land grant from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Today’s owner, Jim, started in 1970 and his son, Doug, started in the 90’s. The two of them manage today’s operation. They have added acres over the years and needed more storage. Thanks to MAS design and construction, they are satisfied with the additions and feel built to capacity for the next several years.

Equipment List

  • 420,000 bushels dry storage
  • 20,000 bushels wet storage
  • GSI 3426 Dryer
  • GSI 8K 36” Wet Receiving Elevator, GSI 5.6K 24” Dryer Fill Elevator, & Another 24” Dry Elevator
  • GSI 5K Overhead Bin Fill Enmasse Drag Conveyors (2)
  • GSI 5K Enmasse Reclaim Drag Conveyor (1)
  • GSI 10” VersaLoop Wet Grain Conveyor (1)

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