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Larry's Letters: 12-15

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As we enjoyed our Thanksgiving Celebration here at MAS, we were showing a picture slide show of past projects we had done over the years. This slide show was the start of a trip down “memory lane” for me. Thirty years ago this fall, two guys (Chris and I), talked about starting a business together. We had a very simple business plan in mind, he would sell and order the product in and I would see that the work got done. January of 1986 began the journey of Midwest Ag Systems, Inc. My partner (Chris) chose to leave MAS and I became the full owner in December of 1986. As I looked at the pictures of the work we have done, I realized MAS has grown way beyond my wildest dreams. You see, at that time, I didn’t think about what could not be done, I just set out to do what the customer asked for. There have been some very expensive lessons along the way but, God has blessed me and my family in many amazing ways, and I have so many things to be thankful for.
As I look at all the talents and abilities that MAS has as a whole, I am proud to say that I know of no other company in this industry that can accomplish what our people can accomplish. Whether it be with the installation of new equipment, or rebuilding a piece of existing equipment, MAS is ready, willing and able to serve your needs. We have a combined actual field experience of over 145 years and five people that have been employed with us for twenty years plus. I believe MAS has the best people in the industry and I am so proud to have teams that are second to none.
Sales and Design Team: They are trained in product knowledge and how grain flows, dries, and stores, as well as being trained in Computer Aided Drafting. Drawings are produced before the final recommendations are made, to be able to recommend the right product to fit the application. Our members of the Sales and Design Team are problem solvers. They work in conjunction with the other teams to ensure that the customer’s needs are met.
Fabrication Shop Team: They have the tools, knowledge and ability to fabricate fittings needed for a project that are one-of-a-kind. They also have the ability to fabricate replacement pieces for parts that are no longer available for order.
Millwright Team: They have the knowledge and ability to build bucket elevators, install conveyors, build and hang spouts, and on and on... Not only can they install new equipment, they can replace or rebuild existing equipment, or make needed repairs.
Bin Building Team: They have the tools, knowledge, training and ability to build up to sixty foot diameter bins and make needed bin repairs. They also have the ability to assist the Millwright Team when needed.
Service Team: They have the tools, knowledge, training and ability to service grain dryers, from 40 year old grain dryers with mechanical controls to the newest computer controlled grain dryers. They service bin fans and heaters, automated bin grain drying systems and bin grain temperature monitoring systems. They also service commercial tower grain dryers as well as bucket elevators, conveyors and other types of grain conveying equipment. They have the responsibility of being the primary grain dryer installers for MAS.
Delivery and Warehousing Team: They have the tools, knowledge and ability to unload and sort product into orders, store in our warehouse, sort all orders for delivery, load onto trucks and deliver. They have the knowledge of how grain bins have to be hauled and stored. They are certified in forklift operation and forklift safety.
Office Team: They are the glue that holds it all together, tracking the movement of parts/materials in and out, tracking orders and contacting customers with info about their orders or repairs. They order materials for projects and inventory. They also maintain the parts inventory.
I am thankful we have great team members, great customers (many of whom have become our personal friends over the years) and great vendors. I would like to thank everyone who has helped make MAS what it is today. I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for this season!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,
Larry Harris

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