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Bruning Aspirator Fans

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Want to keep this harvest clean? Cut out bees wings, fines and dust with this air system add-on.
Bruning Aspirator Fans are designed to capture unwanted residue that builds up in and around your grain system. The unit can easily be added to your dryer, grain leg, load-out or hopper.
Installation and service are user-friendly. Transitions, adapters, flex tube and fittings are available to meet your specific layout. The housing design is simple, allowing easy access and clean-out.
The BRUNeumatic Aspirator Cyclone helps to separate the waste product from the airstream. The optional discharge gate dials in exactly how much air, if any, escapes from the cyclone. This can vary due to the size and weight of the waste product.
An inline slide valve is available to vary the amount of suction that the aspirator draws in. Most all installations do not require the slide valve, but they are available for specific uses.

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