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Beyke Farms, Whitesville, Kentucky

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Steve Beyke knows his family farm inside and out, and as far back as the generations have shared stories. He knows what works and what doesn’t from experience. Beyke Farms relies on high quality, dependable equipment to handle their multi-grain facility. If there is an opportunity to conserve resources, they are eager to try it. When the Farms GSI 2326 dryer entered it’s senior service years, Steve, along with the team at Midwest Ag, began discussing a more efficient replacement product for the experienced unit. They agreed that the GSI X-Stream, with performance that surpasses
all other dryers, would be a suitable replacement, but Beyke was hesitant to believe the sales pitch. He needed to see the proof.

After installation in 2014, proof is exactly what Beyke got— and it exceeded his expectations. The X-Stream was loaded with yellow corn at 22% from the field, automated to 15.5% moisture through the Vision Controls and the gas meter was
noted. Literally, Beyke set the dryer and walked away. The results were outstanding! 96,000 bushels averaged 15.2% and gas cost 12% cheaper than a similar run on the old
dryer. Essentially, the X-Stream dryer used less and dried more. Similar results were produced with white corn on three separate bins. Each bin had the grain exactly where
it needed to be. “We’ve never had that happen,” noted Beyke. In January, he added, grain put in the bin at 15.5% came out at 15.2%. “This is the last type of dryer
I will buy, shoot may be the last dryer I have to buy! With regular clean-out and
maintenance the X-Stream will easily last 20 years.”

Special thanks to Beyke Farms for trusting MAS’s drying system solution and other quality system products.

Bean System:
• GSI 24” 5,600bph elevator 95’ tall
• GSI 36-9 NSL bin
• Overhead Structure
• GSI 15-7 Grain Hopper Tank on structure
Drying System:
• GSI 2326 X-Stream Dryer
• 16x20 Hi-Flight receiving conveyor
• GSI 42” 9,400bph elevator 110’ tall
• Intelliair grain monitoring system
Older Items:
• GSI 24” 6,000bph elevator, 135’ tall for dry grain
• GSI Dry conveyor
• GSI 48-12 FCDL bin

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