“There are few companies that under-promise and over-perform.  MAS is such a company.  Many companies seem to have communication difficulties and never quite deliver what you the customer, thinks is promised.  I had to construct a 24,000 bushel grain bin on my farm this year, and MAS did everything they promised to to do, not on time, but early and at cost!  It just doesn’t get better than this.”

 Lemuel R. Waitman


“Midwest Ag has an excellent service team.  They are always prepared with the correct tools, parts and skill to get the job done in a timely manner.  When they tell you they will be there to get the job done, they are when they promise.  They quality parts that are built to last, not the cheapest thing they could find so they would have the lowest bid.  Better parts = fewer breakdowns = less maintenance expense.”

Phil Ebelhar


“The Vision controls are so easy that a cave-man can run it. We were able to free up some man power and save on gas — I only wish we’d have done this upgrade sooner!”

Steve Beyke of Beyke Farms