Grain Bin Safety

GRAIN BIN SAFETY This Blog post is a re-post of a past post that is always good to learn.      This week is grain bin safety week (Feb 17th – 23rd), with many farms hauling grain to market right now, with me knowing what I do about grain bin safety & being a firefighter trained … Continue reading Grain Bin Safety


Drying Soybeans in a Portable Dryer

DRYING SOYBEANS IN A PORTABLE DRYER Portables are rarely used for soybeans and there is not a lot of detailed info around. Due to the high oil content soybeans cannot be dried all heat. They must be dried using the dry & cool mode. In a single fan portable (100 or 1100 Series) that means … Continue reading Drying Soybeans in a Portable Dryer

Storing Grain from Spring into Summer

Keep Stored Grain Cool During Spring and Summer Keeping stored grain cool is important as outdoor temperatures fluctuate and eventually start to warm this spring, a North Dakota State University Extension Service grain storage expert advises. “Not only will daytime temperatures be increasing, but the bin works as a solar collector,” Extension agricultural engineer Ken … Continue reading Storing Grain from Spring into Summer

Replacement Flighting

MAS provides in house auger reflighting and repairs. There are a few specifications you’ll need to have noted when you place your order: Outside Diameter: The measurement of the outer edges of the auger’s flighting peaks. We recommend using ½” to 1” smaller outside diameter flighting than the inner diameter of the tube it will … Continue reading Replacement Flighting

GSI Quiet Dryer

The Quiet Dryer uses a best-in-class, commercial grade blower, the same blower used in Zimmerman tower dryers. This add-on performs without any loss in capacity or airflow, and with comparable electrical efficiency to GSI vane axial fan portable dryers. This patent pending feature, combined with the proven star-fire burner used on existing vane axial GSI … Continue reading GSI Quiet Dryer


Performance for Phil, Tony, Daniel, and Bryan Ebelhar isn’t just about sustainability. It is about growth and performance. That is why Ebelhar Farms has consistently grown and improved their operation. With two locations, Ebelhar Farms has strategically managed expansions and upgrades, all the while performing essential service and maintenance. Adding storage, wet holding, conditioning and … Continue reading Ebelhar Farms DAVIESS COUNTY, KY