• Over-drying at the bottom of your grain bin.
  • Unequal drying throughout your bin.
  • Excessive energy bills at the end of the season.
  • Spending too much on in-line drying.
  • Spending too much on gas.
  • Mold in the grain.
  • Dockage fees.
  • Dehydration of soybeans after being stored.
  • Low test weight when hauled to market.

If you checked even at least one item, you're in need of a complete grain management system. You are ready for a leading system engineered to give you answers and solutions.

Bin Manager =
A Complete set of sensor cables, weather station and plenum sensor used to control fans & heaters, resulting in the ideal grain moisture and temperature for the best-price gain.
Wireless communication that allows you to monitor in-grain conditions from a computer anywhere, making life easier on you.
Detailed engineering system that has you in mind, giving you a highly durable and reliable system that will last far into the future.

Finally, you'll know what truly goes on inside your bin, and you won't find yourself asking these questions anymore:

• What temperature is my grain?
• Is my fan running?
• Is my grain going out of condition?
• What is my moisture content?

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