Tips to Maximize Stored Grain Profits

Still got leftover grain in your bins from 2017 you haven’t sold yet?  Well then, you need to really need to consider what needs to be done to help maximize your returns when you do decide to sell.   The grain in those bins does still have value, despite what the markets may be showing us, … Continue reading Tips to Maximize Stored Grain Profits


Spring Storage Considerations

The weather is changing, those winter temperatures are leaving, and summer temperatures will soon be on their way. It is now time to think about the corn that has been stored in the bins since last fall and consider the ramifications of keeping it through summer. If your corn is to be stored in that … Continue reading Spring Storage Considerations

Storing Grain from Spring into Summer

Keep Stored Grain Cool During Spring and Summer Keeping stored grain cool is important as outdoor temperatures fluctuate and eventually start to warm this spring, a North Dakota State University Extension Service grain storage expert advises. “Not only will daytime temperatures be increasing, but the bin works as a solar collector,” Extension agricultural engineer Ken … Continue reading Storing Grain from Spring into Summer

GSI Quiet Dryer

The Quiet Dryer uses a best-in-class, commercial grade blower, the same blower used in Zimmerman tower dryers. This add-on performs without any loss in capacity or airflow, and with comparable electrical efficiency to GSI vane axial fan portable dryers. This patent pending feature, combined with the proven star-fire burner used on existing vane axial GSI … Continue reading GSI Quiet Dryer

Grain Bin Safety

Grain Bin Safety      With less than a month before grain bin safety week (Feb 19th – 25th), with many farms hauling grain to market right now, with me knowing what I do about grain bin safety & being a firefighter trained in Farm-Rescue, I figured it would be a good time to share a … Continue reading Grain Bin Safety

Info Needed to Order Replacement Flighting

Information Needed To Order Replacement Flighting                      Outside Diameter: The measurement of the outer edges of the auger’s flighting peaks. We recommend using ½” to 1” smaller outside diameter flighting than the inner diameter of the tube it will be installed in. Example: If your outer tube is 10” I.D., we recommend flighting with an … Continue reading Info Needed to Order Replacement Flighting

Service/Inspection program benefits PLANNERS

The 2017 Service/Inspection Program includes pre-harvest grain handling, storage and drying equipment. Program participants receive the following: Discounted parts & labor rate for repairs made from issues found due to an inspection. Inspections performed by trained professionals. Less down-time during harvest, due to unforeseen problems. Extended equipment life, fix issues before they are a problem. … Continue reading Service/Inspection program benefits PLANNERS