Midwest Ag. Systems, Inc. has grown from a small 1 man operation in 1986, into a thriving business with design, fabrication, millwright, repair and maintenance available at our 5-acre facility.  Our entire staff is eager to work with each client to make their grain facility the safest, most efficient and technologically advanced facility possible.  Our work force of dedicated and trained employees can construct and maintain your grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment.

As we look at the possibilities ahead in the ever-changing grain industry, we have embraced the new technology being developed to enhance the quality and safety for the producer.  All employees at Midwest Ag. Systems, Inc. are dedicated to quality products and service you can count on.

Our effort and dedication to our customers is the driving force that our employees bring to the success of Midwest Ag. Systems, Inc.  As farm growth continues, it is ever so important for experience and schooling be brought onto the farm.  We are proud to offer over 100 years of knowledge/hands-on experience, and we feel this is a valuable asset in today’s industry.  From the sales/design people to the bin builders to the dryer techs, all employees get yearly schooling on new technology.

Midwest Ag’s mission is to use expertise, care and unique designs to build grain systems that provide farmers of all sizes the ability to grow their business. Honesty and integrity are crucial to our business.

Since our start in 1986 with 3 employees, Midwest Ag Systems, Inc. has grown to over 20 employees serving customers for 100 miles in all directions from their location in Southern Indiana.  As a GSI dealer, Midwest Ag Systems, Inc. specializes in providing complete grain handling systems.  We offer qualified design teams, experienced crews, professional sales and service representatives, and durable equipment that is easy to operate.  CAD drawings, of the system set up, of the GSI Grain Dryer, and of future expansions are utilized for all projects.  Each service person takes annual classes for continuing education on the servicing of dryers.  Customers recognize our work as “excellent quality at a fair price”.  Our extensive fabrication shop gives us the ability to create unique solutions that others do not have access to.  When we combine that with our design experience, it makes us unique. Our expertise with augers puts us ahead of the game.  We have assisted GSI manufacturing with auger issues, a specialty we are proud of.  We have customers that drive several hundred miles just to have augers repaired.

Midwest Ag Systems, Inc. carries complete insurance, including liability, for all projects until completion and final payment of the project.


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