Roth Farms Richland, City, IN

Jeff Roth, along with his son, Justin have grown Roth Farms into a well oiled machine, ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at them. By keeping efficiency at the top of their priority list and planning for the future, they are able to celebrate growth.
The 36’ TopDry combines an even mix of air and heat to produce specific results on grain capacities that rival the largest stackable dryer. This dryer is sustained by two wet/dry receiving pits, a wet receiving elevator and a commercial hopper tank for wet grain and load-out.
Storage is a priority to Roth Farms too. They have more than doubled their storage capacity and added a dry grain elevator.

System Specs:
GSI 36’-11 ring TopDry. 28,489 bushels of storage
GSI 36” 8,000 BPH wet receiving elevator.
GSI 24” 5,600 BPH dry grain elevator.
GSI 48’-13 ring Farm Comm storage bin. 76,772 bushels
GSI 15’-12 ring Overhead Comm Hopper Tank for wet grain and load-out. 5,332 bushels
Hutchinson 8,000 BPH wet receiving dump pit.
Secondary Martin 5,600 BPH wet/dry receiving dump pit.
Two other older GSI storage bins. 56,200 bushels